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Girls’ Leadership Empowerment Ambassadors Programme:

The path of success for the girl child in Africa is an obstructed one. Societies are rigid about gender roles such as sending boys to school and leaving girls at home to do house chores. Resultantly, girls and women lag behind in leadership, financial literacy and technology skills.

Africa Leadership Legacy aims to close the ICT, financial literacy and gender gap between girls and boys by training up to 300, 000 girls in 5 years to realise and unlock their potential in order for them to grow into their Purpose.

It is not just about calling for the acknowledgement of girls’ rights and equal access to opportunities but also equipping girls with the necessary tools and skills to deliver excellent results in their various spaces for them to thrive.

The Leadership programmes cover the following topics in Leadership, Financial literacy and ICT among others:

  •     Character Building

  •     Boosting Self-Esteem

  •     Finding Your Purpose

  •     Value Based Leadership

  •     Leading with Integrity

  •     Saving

  •     Investing

  •     Effective Communication Skills

  •     Cyber Space safety


Enable girls to lead with “Extreme” excellence in various spaces and impact their eco-spaces positively and exponentially.

In 2020, we engaged over 115 girls and boys in Zambia and Liberia with prospective expansion to other countries.

To partner with us or sponsor a part of our programme contact us on

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Africa Leadership Legacy partnered with WingED Girls in the

Nanduba School Pad-Drive Outreach Program

In the words of the Head Teacher at Nanduba Secondary School, ‘most girls opt to stay away from school due to lack of sanitary wear. We are truly grateful that you chose our school here in Chikankata out of the many schools in Zambia.

We hope you can come back and encourage our girls to stay in school and help them choose the best career paths in life. Please continue with this work in other places too as it will help to keep girls in school.’

Mrs Chileka was speaking during a Pad-Drive outreach program organised by WingEd Girls with the support of organisations like Toy Lab, Zambian Brands, Copper Rose and of course Africa Leadership Legacy among others who added to items donated as well as volunteered to train/mentor girls during the outreach program.

Over 100 girls gathered for the outreach and they received information on menstrual hygiene as well as tips to consider when deciding on one’s career path. The girls also received a WingEd kit each containing 5 disposable pads, 2 re-usable pads, Panadol and Cotton underwear to help with their menstrual hygiene and confidence building.

Africa Leadership Legacy donated 20 Leadership books to Nanduba School Resource aimed at helping girls to start their leadership journey of excellence! We believe young people are the leaders of today so they must be equipped with the right tools to help them achieve their full potential.

11th March, 2022 was such a fulfilling day and indeed a girl child’s answered prayer.

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