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Africa Leadership Legacy has a highly recommended leadership resource titled; Africa Leadership Legacy – Wila D’Israeli Mung’omba. This resource contains insights, lessons and observations from a distinguished leader of “extreme” excellence. This resource showcases Wila D’Israeli Mung’omba’s powerful Africa Leadership Legacy. It shows that anyone can catapults their leadership journey to one of “extreme” excellence, whether young, emergent, developed or highly seasoned leaders.

This resource speaks to current and future real-life situations and imparts the future leaders with skills that can be used in different eco-spaces. The resource is very insightful as it takes you along the leadership legacy of one of the sons of Africa.

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The book contains different leadership aspects including:

  • Leadership legacy of “Extreme” Excellence

  • Leadership legacy of The President

  • Leadership legacy of The Chairman

  • Leadership legacy As Father

  • Leadership legacy of Lawyer

  • Leadership legacy of A Son of Africa

These different facets of his leadership legacy bring out different ethos and values that are needed for one to be a leader of “extreme” excellence. This leadership resource contains activities and reflection exercises after each chapter to ensure that future leaders use these to transform their lives in a practical way.

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This is a recommended book for all current, emergent, seasoned and future leaders yearning for leadership excellence in all spheres of influence.

If you are such a leader who is actively seeking to create seismic disturbance in the way you and other leaders think and act, this book is for you.

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