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Africa Leadership Legacy is a Zambian company limited by guarantee and was founded in 2017 with its main office in Lusaka, Zambia. It is a non-profit organisation registered under the companies act No. 10 of 2017 of the Patent and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA).

Our core business is leadership and our main objective is to create a legacy of future leaders who are of ‘Extreme’ excellence in all spheres of life. We believe in grooming current and future leaders to go beyond their perceived expectations and limitations. This enables them to transform their lives and impact their eco systems for a better community, Africa and the world.

Our VALUES are:





  • LOVE


Meditation by the Sea

The Africa Leadership Legacy Team: 

We have a strong and diverse team of Consultants, accredited coaches and 

experts in Organisational leadership, Strategic Management, Stakeholder Engagement and Integrated Communication to address leadership requirements.

We bring with us International, Africa and local expertise to each leadership engagement.

Our team consists of individuals who have sat on Boards, run their own businesses, 

headed up organisations, as well as a team of dynamic young leaders.

What to expect:

A collaboration with consultants and coaches who shall move you towards your 

ideal leadership goals of a value based organisation that reflects the culture 

your organisation wants to be. 

  • Chaos to CLARITY

  • Questionable behaviour to INTEGRITY

  • Micromanagement to LEADERSHIP

  • Mediocrity to "EXTREME" EXCELLENCE

  • Values to ACTION

  • Exclusion to INCLUSION ​

  • Imbalance to WELLBEING


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Chitupa Mung'omba is the founder of Africa Leadership Legacy and is a leadership coach and consultant. She works with a team of young dynamic generational leaders as well as seasoned coaches and consultants globally. Together they provide individuals, leaders and organisations with solutions to pivot themselves and their organisations forward in a sustainable and innovative way to create the legacy they want to leave for future generations.

Africa Leadership Legacy also has its social responsibility focus; the ability to transform the life of the lowest individual of any social and economic totem pole - the African girl - by providing her with primarily leadership, financial and ICT training.

The ethos of Africa Leadership Legacy is to serve all stakeholders with "extreme" excellence and was birthed from the leadership observations that Chitupa experienced from her father Wila D'Israeli Mung'omba and other legacy leaders of integrity.


Chitupa Mung'omba

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