If you would like your organisation or business to develop a dynamic and sustainable leadership culture, please contact us for Energy Leadership programs all through Africa and the world at: or find us on Facebook @africaleadershiplegacy. 

Accredited leadership coaches collaborate with you to achieve organisational and personal goals through value based principles.

Africa Leadership Legacy enables you to leverage your leadership skills to maximize performance and better serve internal and external stakeholders.

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We develop with you a clear direction and implementable strategy. Africa Leadership Legacy Consultants provide an array or workable solutions to ensure that your process, systems and teams perform optimally.

Africa Leadership Legacy founder - Chitu

Our leadership training is a combination of workshops, seminars and focus group discussions conducted online. We provide leaders with cutting edge leadership resources, skills and training.

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The aim of the Leadership program is to empower youths and especially females with leadership skills, leadership tools, leadership capabilities, leadership growth and development, through our online leadership program.

The financial literacy program is aimed at empowering youths with financial know-how, financial acumen and financial skills.

All you need is a device connected to the internet and a minimal service charge to contribute toward the sustainability of the program for upcoming leaders like you.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today for the next leadership and financial literacy cohort!